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The aim of the Online Study Orientation Guide

Find out whether one of our degree programmes suits you! Learn more about:

  • studying at our faculties
  • the requirements for study
  • the University of Göttingen and the University of Kassel

Successful choice of degree programme with the Online Study Orientation Guide

We introduced the Online Study Orientation Guide to give you a good understanding of our degree programmes. It will give you an idea about the requirements and key areas and help you to identify the appropriate degree programme.

Finding the right degree programme

Naturally we hope that we can help you with your decision about taking one of our degree programmes.

However, if you find that studying at our faculty is not right for you, you should reconsider your choice of studies. Perhaps another degree programme at the University of Göttingen would suit you better?

You can find an Online Study Orientation Guide for other degree programmes at the University of Göttingen at www.studienorientierung.uni-goettingen.de. A complete list of the degree programmes we offer is available on our website.

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You can get help with choosing a course of studies from the Academic Adviser of Student Affairs or from the Central Student Advisory Service of the University of Göttingen.

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